Either a resident of or a visitor to Adelaide, you apparently want the best for yourself. It is something peculiar to every human so don’t take this for a sign of selfishness. Experiencing the best starts from where you eat, what you eat, where you drink and where you sleep. Boho Bar and Lounge is ultimately there to offer you the best. The eatery is located around Boho entertainment complex. It offers various menu including, Spanish tapas, pub grub, and modern Australian fare. Boho has a lot of items from which you can select whichever you have predilection for. You could prefer to go for Pizza, char grilled Kangaroo fillet, salad, or tea featuring petit fours, scones and sandwiches.

Apart from the restaurant service Boho offers, the quality of entertainment you are going to experience is Boho is what you will continue to testify and recommend to friends. In fact, after a single experience of Boho, you will continue to see it as the only place that has the kind of your entertainment as guests are entertained 24/7 therein. Boho is a paradise away from home as you will enjoy everything including feeding, sleeping and partying.


About Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. The city is the cynosure of South Australian culture, economy and education. Adelaide’s city centre has a strong, safe and advanced square mile that displays attractive colonial legacies. I am sure these are thing you would love to feed your sight with. Among the vision of Adelaide City for its residents is making a habitable city with charming space for walking, cycling and more public efficient public transport. In Adelaide, you derive a civilised pleasure to the core as you have a pleasurable experience of initiatives like city-wide wireless internet and qualify cafes and restaurants.

Why you should Visit Adelaide

One of the cities you will surely enjoy you visited before leaving the world is Adelaide. The city is rich with History and Culture. It is the first settlement in Australia and first to give women the right to vote, abolish capital punishment, put an end to racial discrimination, sexual abuse and recognise the Aboriginal rights.

Food and Wine


It is an interesting thing to eat your way through Adelaide. You will certainly enjoy the magnificent local produce at the historic Adelaide Central Market. You may also visit the restaurant to enjoy tasty meals.

Do you have flair for wines? If so, there are many vineyards that produce the best wine the world can taste, just ensure you pay a visit to Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clair Valley and the Adelaide Hills where you will have the best of wines. As iff not enough, there is a number hip bars and pubs in the hidden laneways of the city.


Explore Outside Adelaide


Not so far from Adelaide’s CBD there is a picturesque sight of nature. There are beaches that make you feel free and light, wildlife that make you appreciate nature the more, historic towns as well as interesting villages where you’re going to see amazing things.

Kangaroo Island is just two hours away from Adelaide City; you really need to pay a visit there. Have you heard of Galapos Island? We can say this is its version I Australia. It is really a picturesque experience of interesting wildlife, stunning nature and alluring ecology. You really don’t need to wait, just visit Adelaide and you will feel fulfilled.


Party Ideas in Adelaide

Are you heading to town, taking a Craft Brewery tour?  Going on a Winery outing or field trip? Embarking on an Airport transfer? Going to a School formal, birthday party or wedding? You are in Adelaide, you are in the right place for you.

Night Life in Adelaide

Night life is an ultimate necessity of any city. But the way you are going to experience it in Adelaide is unique and exclusive. Since you need an original night life where you will take drink yourself wet, have tastes of your desired dish out of the eclectic options awaiting you and experience the freedom that will make you want to spare your nights for fun, Boho Bar Adelaide is the most suitable option. The beautiful appearance of the bar will mesmerise. And you will surely feel fun as it really is therein.

Winery or Brewery tour? Gin Tasting?

If you really love fun, you need to experience a grand day with a wine or beer tour. Check around Adelaide and be among those who have had histories about having fun there going on a wine tour. Each tour is created in such a way that it is what you would certainly have predilection for.

Among the thing you are going to enjoy are themed tours for hen days, birthdays and milestone celebrations. You will also enjoy wine beer and enlivening songs! Whichever vehicles you hire exclusively belong to you and your group members for the moment. Depending on the size of your group and cellar door limitations your wine tour is allowed to be as flexible as you prefer.

Party Buses versus Limo

Are you about to hire a stretch limo like a Hummer limo for instance? Are you hiring this for a group comprising 10-40 members? Is it for a birthday party, dinner function or formal ball? Well there is a better option of a limo that can convey up to 12-40 people. Some of these buses have Limo club site seating, disco light, SOUND that keeps you charged, iPod in your hands, your tunes and your volume and your most wanted value.

Minivans and Buses

This is a matter that needs serious attitude and we are really handling this seriously. This is because we do not expect you to just trust anybody to transport you, your family members, colleague(s) and relative(s) to the airport. All you need to do is place your order and you will be transported to and from the airport with affordable fee. For details you can just visit here

Pay a visit or just make Adelaide your home today and you will experience the fullness of enjoyment, fun and homeliness. Remember we just mentioned lounges, bars restaurants and where you hold life to yourself. You must always remember Boho Bar too where you will experience Bohemian fun.

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