Help My Dishwasher Dries Dishes on a Half-Cycle

Many of us that own dishwashers are guilty of the luxury of putting in your dishes then disappearing only to return to squeaky clean, dry dishes. Modern dishwashers have multiple cycles. Small families with few dishes prefer the half-cycle because it uses up less energy and water to clean up the few dishes. If you hate washing dishes, then you know how much it means to be able to put even there in the dishwasher without worrying about energy and water wastages.

Many complaints addressed by technicians at the dishwasher repairs Brisbane concern dishes not drying up after a half-cycle compared to full-cycle wash. One of the possible causes of this is faulty dishwasher parts which may call for a replacement. Appliance repairs Brisbane can give you a solution to a dishwasher that’s not drying dishes, but continue reading to have a better understanding of this issue.

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How do dishwashers dry dishes?

Before concluding that your dishwasher is broken, you need to first understand how this appliance actually dries your dishes. With older dishwashers, there’s a heated element at the bottom that heats up the dishes. But this uses up so much energy and that’s why more families today prefer new dishwasher models.

The newer models use a condensation drying system where when a cycle ends hot water is flashed on the dishes and then the dishwasher walls draw this water leaving the dishes dry.

Why is your half-cycle not drying dishes?

According to dishwasher repair Brisbane experts there are only two possible courses of a half cycle being unable to dry dishes; either you need to upgrade some dishwasher parts or your dishwasher doesn’t have this capability.

Upgrading Dishwasher parts: if your dishwasher is an older model then it most probably uses a heating element to dry up the dishes. If this is broken, then a half-cycle may not be capable of generating enough heat for this purpose. In this case, you need to call appliance repairs Brisbane and have a replacement done.

Model lacks drying cycle: There are models that don’t enable drying for half-cycle and if this is the case the dishwasher repairs Brisbane technicians will let you know. There is not much you can do in this situation.

High limit thermostat: Every dishwasher has a high-limit thermostat that regulates the temperatures inside it to curb a case of overheating. A faulty thermostat will turn down or shut off the heat before the dishes are completely dry.

How do you know that your dishwasher is faulty?

You can perform a DIY check of the heating element to confirm its functionality. First, disconnect the dishwasher power before opening it. If you are new to opening electronics, call a dishwasher repairs Brisbane professional who will inspect your appliance and undertake any necessary repairs. The technician can usually do the inspection on the spot without you having to take your dishwasher to their office.


Household appliances will at one time or another fail to perform as expected. You don’t have to be frustrated when this happens, equip yourself with contact of a reliable appliance technician who you can call at any time for consultation.

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