Rent a Car in Adelaide, Australia

If you really want to know Adelaide as you wish, you need to visit places. You would love to visit beaches, go to parks, and visit historic centres as well as wildlife. You may like the site of Gleneg, Adelaide Hills, and Kangaroo Islands and so on. But hope you are aware that exploring life in Adelaide seriously requires hiring a car. If you want to hire a car you need to be apprised the terms and conditions for hiring a car and category of price you want.

Terms and Conditions

If you are going to hire a car from companies in Adelaide, you should agree to the following terms and conditions. They include:

• No cancellation fee
• Stamp duty
• Vehicle registration
• One way fees if applicable
• Airport taxes and surcharges
• Collision Damage Waiver with an Accident Damage Excess (ADE) which is a minimum of AUD$ 4,400 and/or Single Vehicle Damage Excess (SVA) starting from AUD$ 2,200. This term varies according to car and its driver’s age.
• Signified kilometres amount, most times unlimited. But there are charges for extra kilometres.
• Optional or extra add-ons will attract additional location taxes and surcharges.
• Toll charges
• Security Deposits (Deposit terms vary for debit Visa/Mca and credit cards
• Any extras signed up for upon arrival (eg vehicle snow equipment)
• Age Surcharge for 21 to 24 years


Economy (16 AUD per day, $511 )
This includes two adults and two bags
Cheaptickets is $ $511 total
Compacts 4 Adults, 2 Bags, $17/day
Intermediate 5 Adults 3 Bags $19/ day
$596 Total
Standards 5 Adults 3 Bags $25/ day