Where to Eat in Adelaide

The importance of quality food is something you and I cannot overemphasise, especially when you are abroad and not home. Tourists and travellers are in two categories. While the first would prefer their local food, the second category prefers to taste foreign meals. Of which category are you? Well, whichever category you belong, I do not have any issue with because either category is really cool. What this article proposes is just to inform you about places where you can eat excellent meals if Adelaide, the Australian region of picturesque cultural and historical heritage is your destination.

Lenzerheide Adelaide

If your preference is fresh produce Lenzerhaide is one of the best South Australian restaurants that offer you this. The restaurant has traditional menus that have withstood the test of times as well as innovative modern menus that you will certainly love. Here you will enjoy your succulent Coffin Bay, oysters and King George Whiting. The menu list also features other items like, tea, coffee, liqueurs, dessert, children menu, etc.

Alphutte Restaurant

Alphutte seats at 242 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, South Australia.
There is nothing like hearing splendid comments from your customers about the quality of your product and services. Besides having got the award for the best restaurant, Alphutte is also known to be one of the best dessert-serving restaurants in Australia. The scenery and the service of the restaurant come together to give it the reputation of perfection it has earned.

Estia Restaurant, Adelaide

Whether you are from Australia or you are a Greek or from other parts of the world but in resident or on a trip to Adelaide, this is an opportunity to enjoy qualitative Greek recipe. Estia Restaurant is the specialist restaurant in Adelaide to prepare you the Greek meal you been yearning for.

You can sit outdoors on a mild summer’s night or indoors beside a winter fire. With Estia, you can experience traditional Greek dining as you are offered a range of dishes known as Mezethiaka. Other Greek meal in the menu list include: Tzatziki, Skordalia, Elliniki, Kalamata Olives, Saganaki, Kaseri etc.


For functions, Estia has the capacity to accommodate up to 145 people at a time. 105 people can be outside while 40 can be inside. There is also a private room that has the capacity for 30 people.

Chocolate Bean, Adelaide

If you would love to have a good taste of what chocolate really looks like, go to Chocolate Bean Café. Many visitors have testified to the magnificence of Chocolate Bean surrounds as well as the chocolate cakes. The attitude of the staff members to the guest is also phenomenal. If you want to enjoy chocolate on your trip to Adelaide, Chocobean Café is the heaven of chocolate and the staff members are angels, they will guide and entertain you.

Cibo Espresso

Are you in Adelaide or any other part of South Australia and you have not experienced Cibo Espresso? You need really must have missed a lot.

You need to experience the café’s Italian dish made of ingredient from the Italian environ. What about CIbo Espresso coffee? With it, I assure you that you can seal your friendship the more. If there had been a rift between you and a friend of yours, espresso from Cibo will become the bridge that will bring closer to each other more than ever. Cibo is the true experience of a quality Italian café in Australia.

Vilis Café, Adelaide

Pies and Bakery should be enjoyed not endured. Vilis Café has come to make you enjoy and not to endure, simply to fulfil your desires. Here you can purchase any sumptuous bakery product and consume it there. You can equally decide to take your purchase along with you.

Vilis Café’s pies are wholly pies, so they are original. Not the kind of pies that will make you puke at the instance of it landing on your tongue. Vilis café offers various kinds of pies that will always make you come for more. They are: Satay Beef Pie, Roasted Vegetable Pie, Satay Chicken Pie, Gourmet Chicen Pie, Beef Cheese and Chicken Pie, Potato Pie, Beef Rendang Pie, Ramb Meat and Rosemary Pie, etc. The list is just too excellent and inexhaustible. Don’t just salivate as you read this, go and have an excellent taste of the items.

Friend, your visit to Adelaide is only made complete when you taste what you should taste because what you eat is you. So as you reach Adelaide, visit Lenzerheide to enjoy traditional menus that have been since history; from there go to Alphutte, to Eastia, Chocolate Bean, Estia, Cibo Espresso and end your trip at Vilis Café. I assure you that you will feel fulfilled after the journey. You will certainly feel fulfilled and recommend those places only to friends and family.

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